Monday, June 18, 2012

Standing Desk: Day 1

Over the weekend I went to IKEA and bought the components to make a standing desk that is very much nearly the same as this Wide Standing Desk on IKEA Hackers. While in the end I paid about the same as I would have had I bought wood from a lumber yard, I went this route because I'm not confident in my carpentry skills. I liked that the Vika Byske legs are adjustable, something I wouldn't be able to replicate with wood.

I put the desk together early this morning, from about Midnight till 3. I didn't have time to set it up in place of my old desk so it's sitting here in a temporary location over my heating register.

I've been standing so far for the past 7 hours. I started the day sitting at my old desk and then threw caution to the wind and quickly set up my equipment with wires tugging from their old homes. Later this week I'll move everything for good.

Standing desk at right right, old desk at left, third desk (!) at bottom left

I'm quitting soon; my hope is to crank out a quick summary each day if there's anything I feel relevant.

How my day went: Right now I have a bit more space because I haven't moved all the stuff from my old desk. It was nice to not have to move my phone around. It's hard to take notes -- I used to keep my notebook in my keyboard shelf but now it's on the table. I think I took better notes today (at least in keeping track of my time) because the book wasn't hidden. I had a video conference that was a bit weird -- the camera shot seemed very close to my face and that was all that was visible. When I used to sit my upper body would be in the shot, I suppose this means the monitor is closer to me now. I had to keep moving which I'm sure was a bit distracting to the other participants. My wood floor squeeks a bit and the noice was loud enough to draw comment.

In general I felt more more motivated to do work. I'm not sure if this is because I changed my routine or if I felt like I had to keep progressing so eventually I could earn the right to sit down.

How I feel: My legs hurt (heels and balls). My knees hurt.  My shoulder hurt when I woke up this morning (I think I overexerted myself in the pool yesterday) but now it feels loose. My back is fine, I just noticed that it's a bit sore. In spite of my lack of sleep I'm not tired, though my body is exhausted. I'm standing on two play mats and an area rug. The mats stick to my bare feet so the rug helps with this.