Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Standing Desk: Day 2

I'm almost about 7 hours in today. This morning my legs were a bit stiff and interestingly enough, I spent the 6 hours before work more or less standing so I guessing I'll be standing for about 15 or 16 hours today. Nuts. Anyway, my legs were a bit stiff this morning, though not really any pain. I was craving the need to sit but as it got closer to work time I was getting excited to use my new desk.

Last night I went for a walk after work and found it OK. Just before the walk I sat down and when I asked my legs to stand up again they told me to beat it.

My heels have been hurting for a few hours now. I notice I don't really stop moving all day, which feel completely different from when I would sit for 8 hour spans of time. I had another video conference this afternoon and it went a bit better. I can't wait to move my desk though, as the wall behind me has a shelf with a mass of cables and is not very attractive. A benefit of where my desk is now however is that I can use the window to light my face so it's not as dark as it was when I was sitting at my old desk.

Every muscle in my legs are sore. I can feel them as I bend and move around. They feel like I've just finished a long run or a few sets of squats.

My back and shoulders feel fine, I think my lower back might be a bit stiff but not any more so as it is when sitting. I've also noticed my ass doesn't hurt during the day as it used to when sitting. I unlocked the "sit for 8 hours without ass pain" achievement long ago so while there is not technically a difference, I don't have the feelings of guilt about destroying my body that accompany a long sit.

The mats and rug seem to help. They feel like standing on like a gel or foam (well, technically they are foam). After standing all day though my feet and ankles can't tell whether I'm on mats or concrete.

In spite of all the standing I don't feel physically exhausted, and in fact I feel like exercising. If I could figure out how to type with my thoughts or speech I would consider getting some weights.