Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Standing Desk: Day 8

On the weekend I got a chance to toss out my old desk and move my standing desk into positition. Here is how it looks:

The desk in its new location

It is now the end of Day 8 and my heels hurt, but not much else. I didn't notice them hurting until just a little while ago. I'm guessing this means my body is adjusting to my new daily routine.

I've also definitely noticed I don't feel like procrastinating as much as before. As I finish tasks I'm already thinking "what's next?" Maybe this will change as I get used to it, but for now it's a welcome side effect.

When I took the measurements before procuring my supplies, I more or less copied the dimensions of my old desk. It was immediately obvious that I should have made a bigger desk. First, I have less space. The old desk had a keyboard tray where I stored my notebook. While I prefer to have the notebook open on my desk, my surface is tight on space with it, the laptop, and my mouse pad. I've been wanting to get a keyboard but if you look, you'll see there's not really any place to put the laptop if I did this. Also, I can't fit two monitors unless I move the printer somewhere else (maybe a network printer is my answer here).

The space to the left of the desk is great -- there is an 18" gap from the edge of my desk to the other desk you see in the foreground, though even then that other desk is as far from the wall (with the clock) as the front of my desk. A 60-64" surface would easily fit and would probably provide a good amount of work space.

The angled posts to the second level are annoying. I should have only used two or three as this would have opened up room for the laptop to sit (closed). The space under the shelf works well for my network devices (modem, switch, router, VPN appliance) and I very much like my phone where it is, sitting atop a well-worn copy of Code Complete (first edition!).

Alot of the jetsam you see on the wall shelf is crap that was liberated from the surface of my old desk. I figure that if I deal with this stuff I can reclaim about 50% of its surface for ... well, I'm not sure.

The play mats and rug seem to work. I do wonder if I should be wearing a good pair of running shoes instead.