Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Creationing. Evolution

I've never cared much about the so-called debate between Creationism and Evolution, instead it's always bothered me that the argument exists in the first place seeing as though evolution explains how organisms get to where they are today by a incremental series of random genetic modifications and Creationism tries to explain the entire existence of the universe (I believe this is the Grand Unified Theory that keeps physicists up at night -- if only they opened their damn bibles for once).

I never understood why it has to be one or the other. Can't both be valid? If evolution doesn't try to explain the creation of the universe then isn't it possible that because God is so smart he would have created everything including the ability for biological life to evolve? In fact, I'm pretty sure He did. Does Jesus not teach us to learn and grow and change to the benefit of our fellow man? Do we not want our own sons and daughters to be better than ourselves? It looks like we've got a whole lot of evoluting going on here folks!

Besides, if everything is God's plan, why wouldn't evolution fall into his plan? I'm sure it did, it's more likely that back then Moses forgot to jot that one down. He was one of the early models after all. Or maybe he did make a note; isn't it even more possible that one of the scribes in the middle ages had a hand cramp so bad that it was just easier to leave that part out. And for the record: in the last 150 years almost every person on Earth (well, at least the ones God cares about) has evolved a set of buttons at the end of their fingers that all but eliminate the labourious task of writing.

I just realised how vexing it must have been for Adam to copulate with his rib, but after all these thousands of years look how far womankind has come -- their sexing bits are now soft and wet. It's a difficult task to explain that without evolution!

And in any event, I would rather these crack debaters changed the focus to Creationism vs. the Big Bang. This one is obvious to me. Both are origin stories. One recorded from God's word, the other looked at by time travelling telescopes. The best part though, is this would be a quick debate indeed, for I would expect the Creationists to embrace the Big Bang as this was obviously the point when God said, "Let there be light."