Monday, August 12, 2013

Children are little mirrors of your own fucked up brain so get used to surprise fist fights.

Looks like I put the punch line in the title again. Oh well, let's carry on.

When you're out and about with your little ones it becomes quickly apparent that they have been quietly soaking up everything you have ever said to them. You can tell because they are quite good at spewing your diatribe upon the world.

This makes sense I suppose. In your head you have your filters and in most cases you make it a point to use those filters and make sure no one outside of your warm and safe living room walls knows your views and opinions of sensitive topics.

But see, your children think what you say is the gospel of man and they are extremely happy to express your convoluted theories upon the world because what interests you must interest everyone else. They look up to you in more than just the literal sense after all.

How embarrassing for you that your little ones will ask a complete stranger if their mommy was a walrus because walruses have big moustaches and tusks too.